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Formed in 2015, Digital grind is an independent record label founded by CEO/Artist, Hector Branas whose stage name is Zeuz. With experience of cofounding a previous label, SUpreme MUsic, Zeuz learned how to manage artists, write songs, shoot and edit videos, design marketing plans, book different venues and how to promote and distribute product. With this knowledge, he decided to start a new path and create a company that not only supported the indie movement but also incorporate modern day technology to deliver new platforms of delivering music and satisfying the customers of today's socially crazed societies. From traveling to different cities and performing at bars, schools and venues  to being interviewed by local and online radio stations, Zeuz is getting bloggers and the online community to talk about his recent projects independently released. His music is a blend of underground and mainstream sounds filled with conscious lyrics and attractive melodic hooks. A child of musical refugees, Zeuz is more than your average backpack rapper. Hit singles from both rapping and singing only display his versatility and song writing skills. From nothing but a foreign background, Zeuz made his way to Houston where he is now sacrificing the comfort of a normal life to chase something bigger than us. A historic legacy.





Hector Branas Jr., stage name Zeuz, is a 25 year old first generation Cuban American Artist/CEO/Producer who was born in Hialeah, Miami. Both of his parents are from the third-world country, Cuba, where they wish they could further advance their positions in society, but the political system in Cuba does not tolerate that. They can only go as far as being a product of what the oppressive government molds them into. Zeuz realized at an early age that the generations before him have all made tremendous sacrifices from crossing the ocean in a raft to becoming political refugees all for a chance at freedom and an opportunity. Being a seed of that sacrificing generation, he feels a deep guilt and pressure not take those things for granted.The chances of him being born in the United States were very slim but he's now trying to give the Cuban people new hope through his music.


As a kid, Zeuz would attend church with his family often, due to his father being a singer at the church. After church they would gather around and play instruments to the songs at home. Zeuz moved around a lot during his early days in Miami and even attended over 6 different elementaries. After his grandparents both passed from cancer, Zeuz and his family were evicted due to financial issues, where they then moved to Orlando. There he attended a couple more elementaries until he enrolled in Sadler elementary, a school that would forever impact the live of a future rapper. It was here where the passion for hip hop was apparent in Zeuz's life. The school would utilize rap music as a tool to teach young kids to remember formulas and positive messages they recited often. Also when kids made good grades, they would play popular music and the way it made Zeuz feel was like love at first site. Originally, Zeuz wanted to create videos games because he was fascinated with art and the fact that you can create your own worlds and stories with just your thoughts and creativity. He loved writing descriptions and creating characters. Zeus and his sisters would print out lyrics of songs by different major artists at the time and play concerts while they sang along. Zeuz father was also a musician and singer and attempted to pursue a career for himself but came to an end quickly due to he already had three kids to account for. He had no choice but to miss out on college and find any job that would support him. Growing up he would teach them how to sing and give them piano lessons.


Like déjà vu, his family was moving again and on several occasions had to sleep in the car. They temporarily moved into a mobile home until financial struggles kicked them out of the city and it was then, when they decided to move to Houston-


Texas. At age 10 Zeuz began writing songs and playing the saxophone/piano but his inconsistency lead to him losing his skills. Rather than playing an instrument, it was always easier for him to write short poetry and simple rhymes.

After writings hundreds of covers over YouTube instrumentals and notebooks full of pages he started recording through his phone memos. During middle school he would find friends who did the same and starting developing his song writing skills. He was raised knowing the importance of education, but lacked enforcement from his parents.

His interests were always out of school activities; rather than playing a sport or studying, he focused on his music. Zeus started the professional recording process at 16 at a local known studio and created a label named SUpreme MUsic.

His popularity grew in high school as he began to perform and drop mixtapes and music videos consistently. Towards the end of his senior year, he got into some legal issues that resulted in a period of depression and tribulation. When he finally got through this stage, Zeuz decided that he would get serious about becoming something big through his music.

After high school, the group started separating and he had to figure out how to take care of all the technical work.

So he started picking up books on how the music industry works and how to network through social medias more efficiently, how to produce and direct his own videos, independently create and distribute albums, write scripts, create advertisement, produce music, design merchandise, and how to work with people of all industries. Online marketing is an essential tool he now utilizes & really depends on for his success. From struggles growing up to not being satisfied with an average life, he uses music as a tool to escape the pressures of his realities. Music and the arts was always a part of his life because it gave him a way to express and release his emotions. Zeuz is on an emotional journey to change the world and find truth and happiness. Zeuz is now under his own label by the name of Digital Grind building up his brand and a major goal of his is to sign with a major distributor.

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